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Why Using Drones in Real Estate is Trending

Using Drones For Real Estate Video Production is Trending!

There is something in video production today that is not done over the past few decades. Now it is easier to take aerial footage without the need to ride a helicopter or hire an elite production company to do the job. Thanks, drone!

Yes, drones are here to stay. Even if there are more and more restrictions that are coming its way, drones will remain popular and helpful in different areas of business and public service. To cite the popularity of drones, Google trends is overflowing with “drone” search cues and YouTube has almost 827,000 videos about or related to drones. And most of these videos are “liked”, “shared” and received a lot of “comments” from its viewers. So you might be asking yourself? Why are drone’s shots popular and why is using a drone for video production, specifically in the real estate community trending today?

Why are Drones Trending in the Real Estate Video Production Field?

The answer is simple- it’s easy to use and efficient. You don’t need to have special skills to pilot a drone. Yes, you need to practice making it fly but controlling a stick is not the most difficult skill to master. If you know how to play video games with those joysticks and remote control, maneuvering a drone is as simple as that. Drones are highly efficient. In video production, a drone can give clear videos and photos in aerial view which was not possible a few decades ago. Napa Valley real estate agent, Ginger Martin, knows the importance of drone footage when it comes to marketing her luxury multi-million dollar listings. Take a look at her properties and you’ll see they all have spectacular video footage. That’s how you shoot a video for a luxury property!

In real estate, agents know that the right footage can make or break a sale. With the right high-resolutions images and an impeccable video, any home can be made to look as if it was listed for $5 million dollars! Luxury realtors are jumping on the trend too. They’re aiming to hire video production companies that are equipped with the right drones in order to shoot the most beautiful video possible.

The Efficiency of Drones

Drones can capture images of hard-to-reach areas with lesser efforts and costs than the regular filmmaking. With the advancement of technology, most of the drones have the ability to go steady while suspended in the air. This makes it easier to get a smooth video or photo from a different angle. No tripod can go the distance and the height that a drone can reach. Also, for luxury homes, it is best to have a few aerial shots of the land and of the house itself. Drones make this much more attainable.

Taking a video from an aerial perspective is more interesting to a lot of viewers because they can see the subject at a different angle which is not ordinary. Aerial views can make even the dullest subject come to life. People can finally see how their houses look like from above and afar. The drone is able to capture crystal clear photos from a bird’s eye. Drones can feed many data in an instant which means they can show wider areas within minutes in perfect, almost cinematic quality. These are the main reason why using drones for video production is trending nowadays.

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