Mechanical Toys

Top 5 Mechanical Toys

Throughout the history of play, there have been a variety of famous mechanical toys that have delighted children and adults alike. Mechanical toys combine the science of engineering with the fun of a toy, which is a very appealing combination. Here are some of our favorite mechanical toys throughout history.

  1. Drones

While drones were originally used by governments for surveillance purposes, they have now become a very popular toy used for both fun flying and creating unique video. There are a huge variety of drones on the market today, from high end versions with detailed camera options, to small indoor drones that can help you get started with flying.

  1. Remote Controlled Cars

Remote controlled cars took the fun of Hot Wheels to the next level, making for a very fun toy that combines many different fun and interesting factors. Because the car is remote controlled, you don’t need a track, and you can drive it whereever you want to race with friends. Remote controlled cars have evolved over the years, and you can now even control them from your smartphone.

  1. Wind-up Toys

Although wind-up toys have now been around for generations, during the beginning of the 20th century, they were all the rage. This unique innovation created toys that were very dynamic and could move on their own, something that hadn’t been seen before. This lead to future innovations in moving toys.

  1. Robots

Robots have become a very popular toy throughout the past several years. They can be designed to do virtually anything, which makes them a great option for toys. We’ve seen a variety of robotic toys ranging from dolls to animals to educational games. Robotics provides tons of potential for unique new toys in the future.

  1. Walkie Talkies

These have long been a favorite of kids due to the variety of make believe games you can play with them. There are now tons of walkie-talkie toys that come with other components, which takes things to the next level with even more options. Walkie talkies also allow kids to communicate with each other in a fun and exciting way, which encourages bonding and friendships.